Welcome to Eurobar, the best place for eating, drinking and cavorting on a budget in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol

With prices that amaze our visitors and local residents every day, coupled with sun, smiles and paracetamol, Eurobar is a great place to meet friends old and new, have a few drinks in the sun or try a few of our our home cooked tapas, pies and pasties.

Sometimes we can serve you at the table, bur often we simply don’t have the time as we get a little busy and spare staff is not an option at these prices.



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Eurobar Tapas and Snacks are made daily by the team and served fresh, from hot cornish pasties and sausage rolls to tasty tapas including the famous Sloppy Joes and Curry Specials.


The Burgers are twice the size of BK or McDonalds yet still start at only €1, although you can go a bit mad and order a MegaBurger to fill the biggest appetite

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All our house Spirits, Wines, Beers and Soft Drinks are priced at only 1€ with a large selection of popular branded beers, wines and spirits available for a little extra yet still amazingly priced in comparison with other bars and restaurants.


Buckets of San Miguel containing 6 bottles and ice to keep them cool in the sun are only 5€, less than 80c a bottle


Cocktails range from only 3€, bottles of Cava from only 5€ and jugs of Sangria, WKD Cocktails and more from the same amazing price of 5€

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“to jump or move around in a playful way, sometimes noisily, and often in a sexualway:”

They were spotted cavorting at the Eurobar

Every day is Fun Day at Eurobar

If you don’t have a sense of humour, there is really no point in coming to visit us as you may be offended by the banter, the jokes and at times having an ice bucket thrown over you, just for a laugh.

“There is no money to be made selling food and drink for a Euro so we might as well have fun” – Mark Sampson who founded the Eurobar

We have been known to get out the old karaoke machines and on the odd occasion turn on the comedy videos on the big screen TV’s but most of the fun comes from our great customers who bring the atmosphere with them.

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EUROBAR – Plaza Ibenza, Local 34/38/39 Benalmadena Costa, Malaga 29630

W: www.eurobars.net  E: mail@eurobars.net  F: facebook.com/eurobarsgroup

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